My name is Marie

Being born in France means I have a natural ease and grace about my life and FOREVER has given me the opportunity to show people how they can have a great life too. Wherever they dream of going or whatever they want to achieve, Forever Living has a Product that can help them to get there..

I came to England in 1974 as an Auxiliary nurse which I loved and my career took me down many paths including Newcastle on Tyne (I do LOVE the Geordi people) and finally I settled as a qualified book keeper.

I met my husband Phil in 1976 before moving down south to London for 4 years and finally we came to live in the beautiful county of Hampshire in 1980 and we decided this was the place we wanted to bring up our children!

I joined Forever Living in July 2009, and was drawn to it after using and benefiting so much from some of the amazing products they have for your health. I was using these products for over 4 years before that. Today not only do I use their products but ALL of my family and lots of my friends do too!!Soon I was to discover the vast array of products they have including beauty and makeup and being French meant I really appreciated the fine ingredients they use.  Forever has given me such freedom in my work and it brings me great joy and purpose.I love meeting people and sharing information, helping in any way I can and with the support of this fantastic company I can do just that.

As an extension to my work with Forever Living I was introduced to Reiki in 2013 and have been training as a Reiki practitioner for the last two years with Karen Font-Garcia at the Golden Light School of Reiki. 

Loving Life

Marie Hedley